Mixed Project The Hub Lumbini


‘The Hub Lumbini’ is a ‘Tourism Destination Development Project’ that amalgam ‘Hospitality and Housing’ in a perfect blend to offer an exquisite living atmosphere.

This vibrant mixed-use development project seamlessly integrates Residential, Retail, Entertainment, Commercial uses, and Starred hotels all into one thread making it above and beyond the ‘Just a Real Estate’ project.

The objective of the project is to create an iconic destination with a dynamic mix of different components that aids in the commercialization of the area and stimulation of the local economy.

Strategically located at around 5 KM from the much revered Maya Devi Temple and approximately 13 KM from the upcoming Gautam Buddha International Airport, the project caters to the need of growing demand for loftier hospitality and recreational facilities in the region.

Major Features:

  • Mixed-use model- Commercial, Retail, Residential and Recreational purpose fulfilling
  • Strategically located - merely 5 km from much revered Maya Devi Temple and 13 Kms from the upcoming international airport in Bhairawa




Sold Out




Ropani Area


Available Plots

Sno Plot No Area Carpet Area Super Area Floors Build Up Direction Price
1 R1 3856 Sq. Ft. रु 2,63,32,000 Inquiry Form
2 R2 3955 Sq. Ft. रु 2,68,53,250 Inquiry Form
3 R3 4477 Sq. Ft. रु 2,95,57,000 Inquiry Form
4 R4 3917.2 Sq. Ft. रु 2,72,30,550 Inquiry Form
5 R5 4489 Sq. Ft. रु 3,16,60,750 Inquiry Form
6 R6 4956.64 Sq. Ft. रु 3,37,78,270 Inquiry Form
7 R7 4956.64 Sq. Ft. रु 3,34,70,020 Inquiry Form
8 R8 4956.64 Sq. Ft. रु 3,31,25,770 Inquiry Form
9 R9 4430 Sq. Ft. रु 3,04,02,500 Inquiry Form
10 R11 4011.6 Sq. Ft. रु 2,71,26,300 Inquiry Form
11 R12 4011.6 Sq. Ft. रु 2,71,26,300 Inquiry Form
12 R13 4011.6 Sq. Ft. रु 2,71,26,300 Inquiry Form
13 R14 4011.6 Sq. Ft. रु 2,71,26,300 Inquiry Form
14 R17 3852 Sq. Ft. रु 2,63,53,498 Inquiry Form
15 R19 4054 Sq. Ft. रु 2,84,89,000 Inquiry Form
16 R20 4015 Sq. Ft. रु 2,82,74,500 Inquiry Form
17 R21 4015 Sq. Ft. रु 2,82,74,500 Inquiry Form
18 R22 3821.5 Sq. Ft. रु 2,73,01,000 Inquiry Form
19 R23 4506.4 Sq. Ft. रु 3,01,22,800 Inquiry Form
20 R24 4330.1 Sq. Ft. रु 3,29,46,800 Inquiry Form

Maya Apartments, an exclusive property in the heart of Lumbini is a perfect amalgam of comfort and luxury. Being a part of the landmark project ‘The Hub Lumbini’, the apartment shares neighborhood with significant other components of the project such as starred Hotel, Restaurants, Row Housing (Commercial cum Residential use), Standalone Homes and Water cum Fun park among others.

The six storied building with Basement parking facility offers spacious and skillfully designed apartments in different configurations of Studio to 4 BHK units. The sizes of apartments range from 408 sqft to 2193 sqft.

Configurations of Apartments:

Apartment Types Studio 1 BHK 2 BHK 4 BHK
Apartment Sizes
(in Sq Ft.)
444 662 965 - 986 2238
468 780 1038 - 1081  
469 939 1144  
565   1213 - 1221  
Total Units : 10 7 20 1


Available Plots

Sno Plot No Area Carpet Area Super Area Floors Build Up Direction Price
1 Apy-GC 0-0-0- 939.18 Sq. Ft. S रु 1,27,09,340 Inquiry Form
2 Apt-GD 0-0-0- 565.29 Sq. Ft. E रु 78,48,770 Inquiry Form
3 Apt-1G 0-0-0- 780.18 Sq. Ft. N रु 1,06,42,340 Inquiry Form
4 Apt-2E1 0-0-0- 1083.41 Sq. Ft. E रु 1,45,84,330 Inquiry Form
5 Apt- 2E2 0-0-0- 1025.4 Sq. Ft. SE रु 1,38,30,200 Inquiry Form

Available Plots

Sno Plot No Area Carpet Area Super Area Floors Build Up Direction Price
1 Restaurant Plot 2 4850 Sq. Ft. रु 1,27,50,000 Inquiry Form

Project Location

Hub Lumbini Gallery

Master Plan / Floor Plan

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